There Is A New Sheriff In Town-Lori Lightfoot

There is a new Sheriff in town. Lori Lightfoot, calling Chicago “One of the greatest cities on Gods Earth, took the oath of Office to become Mayor of Chicago.

Lightfoot promised to be a neighborhood for all neighborhoods.

Lightfoot was very upbeat saying “We cannot fail, we will not fail, we are Chicago.” 

Lightfoot talked about homeless teenagers, residents scared to death of violence and being gunned down, and residents making desperate pleas for jobs.

Lightfoot talked about 4 new thoughts for the stars of Chicago. 

1)   She urged the need for public safety. Ending gun violence – spreading throughout communities like a virus.

2)   Education is the second star highlighted by Lightfoot. Education balanced for everyone. She doesn’t want the future of a child being pre-determined by their zip code.

3)   Civility 

4)   Integrity 

Her first act will be a return to city hall and reduce the power of Alderman.