Sneaker Con 2019-Schaumburg Convention Center

Who Knew? Sneakers! Sneaker Con 2019. First day attendance looked to be more than 5000 people in this two day event. Sneakers. That’s all. Just sneakers. Exotic sneakers from Nike where just there are ten in the world. One guy showed a picture of his exclusive sneaker collection. Value just $500,000. In the sneaker banter I over heard one very excited individual tell the tale of his sneaker find of the day. He bought a set of sneakers for $3000 waled a couple of yards to another vendor who paid $4000. What a deal he said.

The room was full of generation X and Y folk who indulged in this new world of collecting sneakers. Yes shoes. 

Along with the exotic and highly desirable sneakers there were available high end sneakers, sneakers for toddlers, sneakers for teenagers, and sneakers for the older folks.