Chet Coppock Dead At 70

One of Chicago’s best-known sportscasters Chet Coppock died in a car accident Wednesday. He was 70 years old.

His daughter Lyndsey passed the information along in a Facebook post to social media “His passing is untimely, unexpected and painfully sad, but all we can do at this time is remember how lucky we were to have such a unique and creative trailblazer help shape into the adults we know he was so incredibly proud of.”

Coppock was the passenger in a vehicle involved a crash outside of Charleston, S.C., on April 11. His daughter said he passed away on April 17.

Coppock is considered by many as the pioneer and at the center of the evolution of sports radio in Chicago and served as a top sports anchor at NBC-owned WMAQ-Channel 5 in the 1980s.