April Fool of the day…Deanna Lorraine…American Joke

Shameful fire Dr. Fauci efforts of a deseperate wannabe Swamp Creature.
Shameful fire Dr. Fauci efforts of a desperate wannabe Swamp Creature.

As Coronavirus has now claimed over twenty-three thousand American lives, with over a half-million cases and growing and nurses and first responders dying, Deanna Lorraine has jumped on a fire Dr. Anthony Fauci kick.

Fauci speaks the truth, and sometimes it conflicts with President Donald Trump, and Lorraine thinks its cute to call for the firing of the most trusted voice of science and medicine in America.  A voice that has served and depended on by multiple Presidents in both parties.

You are a sad swamp rat in search of a home – you are an insult to all who put people before politics. You are a sad candidate. We need leaders, not bootlickers in the face of a crisis.