Cold Weather Bug Season Swings into High Gear

Winter Bug
Winter Bug
With overnight lows in the 30’s creeping int to calendar, the annual fall insect home invasion season is about to spike.  Local homeowners will be fending off a wide array of pesky uninvited guests including Box Elder Bugs, Asian lady beetles and stink bugs who want to make your house, their home!
BUGG president and CEO Brian Weekley, an insect expert with over 25 years studying bugs and repellents says these home invaders present a series of problems.
“Weather conditions this spring and summer have been favorable to populations of both box elder bugs and Asian lady beetles. We expect higher than average numbers this fall. Also, temperatures are forecasted to be above normal so these bugs will be around into November,”Weekley says.
“It’s best to control these bugs in the fall to keep them from entering your home looking for a place to hibernate for the winter. They will eventually work their way indoors causing a nuisance as well as stains, unpleasant odors and filth.”
Weekley says there are some tips homeowners can take now to help defend and detect these unwanted visitors.
Top 3 tips:
1) Inspect siding, window frames, utility penetrations, etc. and seal/caulk any gaps, crack or crevices where bugs can enter.
2) Trim back any bushes or foliage from around your siding and foundation.
3) Apply BUGGSLAYER – an essential part of any defense. Mix at 4 oz per gallon in your pump sprayer and apply to the perimeter of your home along the foundation 3 feet up and 3 feet along the ground. Also spray on eves, soffits and where insects may congregate or can gain entrance to the structure, typically on the west and south facing walls.
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